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Trauma - Artifex vs Warning TW ★

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Raw footage of the Artifex vs Warning TW.  No cuts made (including repeated heirobugs from boa aw)  Guild list included.  Enjoy  ;)

Song List:
1. Vicetone feat Collin McLoughlin - Heartbeat (DMNDZ Remix) 0:13
2. Yellow Claw ft. Rochelle - Shotgun (DMNDZ Remix) 5:47
3. Popeska ft. Luciana - The New Kings (DMNDZ Remix) 8:54

Keep it classy

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Exceptionally good teamplay and communication. It is a joy to play with you guys.

Love the music. ^-^

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easy, nice try to tw, amateurs lol

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Why do you post TW video when i'm not there? I am salty.   :'(

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good vid bro looked easy ;)

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Nice video , good TW , ty warning for showing.
Too bad can't outnumber in TW or bring allies, i guess maybe it would last longer that way.

Music was top  :normal-25:

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good vid and nice sir  :smiley:
you wipe them out sir  ;D


only know outnumber and ally GA in TW fuken nerd seenix  ;D

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good fight guys, see you next week.

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Nice video. Good choice of music. xD
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hmm i must say im proud of them. considering the facts who they tw'd, the exp u guys have, instead of just being dumb and go like 'LOOOL EASY', when ur 1st tw vs xp was, uh i dont wanna talk about, not even to mention that 19min tw and collapse artifex lived. rly, just say gf they held u for 30mins+
just my 2 cents


You still had 20 more people. :pig-1:

It's been done.
Yall lost, better luck next time.

What you guys fighting for still?


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Gf, nice video. Glad Warning showed.  :normal-25:

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Artifex gonna cum soon.
Keep calm nerds

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Learn to respect your enemy or u wont have anyone to fight with. And I would go on next TW since I couldnt attend this one:normal-9:.  Seems that it was fun