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Can I have these ini's please?

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Could someone make this Yokebone for me? if it's exactly the same I pay 10 Epic Points, send me a private message. thank you, kisses

Cat that may be simultaneously both alive and dead!!!

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Note: Please be aware that I am no longer active, so it may take a while until I get back to you. I will continue checking and responding to requests, but please be patient.

decided to make another post since the last one was starting to get all screwed up, plus added new ones

these are inis I've accumulated over a long time

some are just straight from a site and some are ones I edited from inis from site and some are ones I made from scratch

if you want any of them just send me a PM or quote me here with which one you want.  I just want people to know that this isn't a first-come first-served type of thing.  since some of these aren't originally made by me, I won't just be giving them to one person and then saying no one else can have.  but if it is an ini made/edited by me, I can limit it to only one person.  all the inis that are available for this have "yes" for "available for reserve".  you just have to show me which one and say that you would like to be the only one to have it.  you're allowed to reserve ones that were already given away as long as you're okay with other people having it already.

please send me the specific image of whichever one you want, just so I won't get confused/misunderstand and send you the wrong one.  do not just send me the number, send me the image as well.  this will make it easier for me and will guarantee no mistakes.

I will not send you the codes if you do not give me the images of the specific ones you want.  I will be irrationally picky about this so just send the images.  this time around it's easier for you guys to get them

you may edit these inis however you want

if you want to reserve an ini it will cost 1000 ec.  if the ini is requested by others (not reserved), then the price will go down.  the more the ini is requested, the more the price will go down until it stops at 100 ec.  if 10 people request an ini, then it will no longer be available for reservation (but it still will be available for codes).  just getting the code for an ini is free, reserving an ini is the only thing that will cost ec.  you must send me the ec before I send you the codes.  you can mail ec to my ep, Xanadu

"times requested" is the amount of people who I've sent the inis to.  so if you wanted to have a specific one as only yours and it doesn't have a 0 under it, it's too late (meaning, you can still have the ini file, you just won't be able to say no one else can have it other than you).  once it hits 10 people, then the ini will no longer be available for reserve.  but again, you can still have the codes for it even if someone has already requested (not reserved) it, and if the ini is no longer available for reservation

when you request an ini that is any class but db or sb, understand that the new UI warps older inis.  when you apply the ini to the char it may not look exactly the same way it does in the ss because of this.

Guide for Posting Images (in 5 easy steps):


And some random male inis that I actually thought were interesting:

Times Requested: 23
Available for Reserve: No

I don't know if you are still active but if you are could i possibly have this one ?
Hey Rumi, Could I get this one please? Thank you!