Epic Perfect World

New, going to try this out ;O

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I've never really been a Perfect World Fan...
So I don't know squat about this game..
But there's one thing for sure, I'm DEFINITELY not going to play the retail PWI.
I've been more of a Private Server kind of person for a couple of years now.. seeing PS's shut down and playing new one's... now, I decided I wanted to try out a Perfect World Private Server and stick around for awhile.. see if I can make any friends/find a new guild.. and whatnot.
So yeah.. I'm new here and I'll be sticking around here for awhile if I find some new friends :P


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Welcome to Epw ^-^

Thanks Kyandisu..
Hope I'll enjoy it here and make new friends ^_^

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Thanks Kyandisu..
Hope I'll enjoy it here and make new friends ^_^
welcome make urself at home :)

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(Making more and have lots more just to lazy to name all of them)

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Welcome to EPW.  Look me up if you need help in game.  Quite a few helpful people here...

My chars are listed below in my sig.

I am.
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