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Pliz if some1 could give me alot of codes of ~HAIRSTYLES~ from npc ( male one ) pliz ty, I need alot. :)
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Hope this helps :D

01.01.2016. ♥

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No i didnt meant that i just need hair's codes from fashion npc , Ive did already found that XD.
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Wrecker has the full list I sent him. I can't find mine anymore.

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Is this so you can put hairstyles on your barb?

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I'll do an update to the ini editing guide and add in hairstyle codes, along with updating some other stuff in it. If you want specific hairstyles before that just send me a list and I'll give you the codes.
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hi i'm cedes
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i remember the fashion

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Yes Chaw, and Aga Frank aint loging much cant catch him :S.
I hope you know a part from fast and furious 4 when Paul looking for car? and his great word's ~I wan them all~ so yes I do want them all thoo. =D if possible pliz
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wait wait, so how are you supposed to use those codes? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

oh mai gadz as gotat go check it

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I'll be happy if you can give me Siesta Goggles, Frosty Mistletoe Hat and Red Hat ( all for male ).
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Hope this helps :D

Shout outs to your effort! :)
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Would it be possible to just add those hairstyles as ones you could buy at the Hairstyle NPC?

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Its for barb m8 dont have any effects
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Wrecker has the full list I sent him. I can't find mine anymore.
Send me too please if you find it  :normal-46:

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Curling Plait Model 1015
Curling Plait Texture 1022

Mohican Model 1014
Mohican Texture 1021

Traditional Braid Model 1011
Traditional Braid Texture 1018

The Mohican 1010
The Mohican 1017

Eternal Love Model 1003
Eternal Love Texture 1002

Conqueror's Haircut Model 1012
Conqueror's Haircut Texture 1019

Desperado's Haircut Model 1028
Desperado's Haircut Texture 1029

Letal Poison Haircut Model 1026
Letal Poison Haircut Texture 1027

Aegean Crown Model 999
Aegean Crown Texture 998

Neo-Punk Goggles Model 1005
Neo-Punk Texture 1004

Celestial Bard Model 993
Celestial Bard Texture 992

King's Crown Model 982
King's Crown 980

Shinobi Headband Model 985
Shinobi Headband Texture 984

Hustling Hat (aka mix match spring) Model 991
Hustling Hat (aka mix match spring) Texture 990

Lovebird Hat Model 974
Lovebird Hat Texture 977

Pearl Blossom Model 971?
Pearl Blossom Texture

Xmas Color Model 955
Xmas Color Texture 961

Xmas Festival Model 956
Xmas Festival Texture 962

Shaggy Model 904
Shaggy Texture 908

Tech-Tribal Stunners Model 901
Tech-Tribal Stunners Texture 905

Designer's Cut Model 903
Designer's Cut Texture 907

Rocker Model 954
Rocker Texture 960

Charming Fur Hat Model 902
Charming Fur Hat Texture 906

Vampire Model 970
Vampire Texture 966

Eastern Model 971
Eastern Texture 967
some of them

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Pooh i saw these .... and none of them i like
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