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Some easy pk vs Warning and HO from yesterday (Behind the scenes)

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Disco stars,

Hope you enjoy

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Nice video, pk look easy, really easy. The music tho  >:(

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nice video … good music choice
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Nice video. c: It was fun PK.
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nice vid bro when u will inv me to warning bro ?

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Nice video harp  ^-^

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Sirothorn>harp... good video mang

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i think Yolo carried all the pks gf guizer we are still #1

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Nice video i enjoy watching them  :normal-1:

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Nice music, especially Linking Park (original place for my head is better tho :sad:) and Drowning Pool songs  :normal-42:
Was fun pk, you have to tell me more often if there's pk  :sad:

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good video n$$b
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nice vid and song bro :)

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izi pk nice video team69 best :police:

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Thanks for comments
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