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Artifex Fair PK ( Same numbers )

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Video from today's earlier PK at Sundown, only recorded the 2nd part, since this PK started randomly ( we didnt RG or anything , squads were also not the usual as you can notice on my own).

Speed of video is 1.5 , not 2x as usual.

Highlights 06:21 and 12:18 , hope you guys enjoy the video + music, and keep it classy pls.

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Recent video.

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Pedro...bro...why you steal best eps.. :'( :'( :'(
Anyway great video and I really loved the music  :normal-25:


LOL " get fcked " bm guild leader..
100%zerk crit rate day, nice video pedro
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Snertastic video, Sner.

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nice vid bro!^^


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Strong video. Strong chair. Strong Sner.  ^-^
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Nice video as always Sner. And good music  :smiley: ;p

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nice vid and pk, too bad i missed it   :sad:

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I prefered not to go so enemy doesn't die as fast  :rolleyes:
good video  ^-^
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I prefered not to go so enemy doesn't die as fast  :rolleyes:
good video  ^-^

What a nuerd.
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Good I didnt log to that pk, or it would end as fast as areashi drop in pvp... I let you guys have some few free kills, np Artifex :)))))))

Almost good video, would not watch again hah noob mg xD
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Nice video man!
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