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40 Minutes of Cancerous 1v1s

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I don't make videos anymore, you nerd. Since most of the views in the media section are filled with a plethora of mass-maddie-tussling combined with autistic anger and extra-chromosome butt frustration, I figured this video would fit here. Judging from the amount of views this had I think half of the EPW community already stumbled upon this. Top lel, homosexual.

But for those of you who enjoy watching cancerous 1v1s with some of the worst players imaginable, you're in luck. Here is 40 minutes of me no-spinal-cord 1v1ing/watching 1v1s of the most cancerous baddies to ever multiply cells. Also I get hierobugged by StarryWolf because I was busy brewing cocaine with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and formulating how all galactic matter should be turned into Mountain Dew factories.

You have been warned, you ectobeta brony. The gameplay in this video is absolutely terrible and that you would wish RNA didn't replicate in order to create life as we know it. (Slayin' funDIES e'rryday, get mad kiddie?)



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oh wow Nightelf  :smiley:
this video is rlly old o.o
first time seeing it

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Disgusting gameplay, bad video, bad player, i liked on YouTube because I saw god creep at the end. Was worth it.

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:tiger-40: QUACK QUACK QUACK :tiger-40: