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happy birthday the best dogs of serbia <333 i wish you to find a wife someday marry her and make a happy family
you were the best director did worms ever had

P.S. it's time to lose virginty bro


Happy birthday.
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Happy birthday. c:
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happy birthday Briest  :smiley: have a nice day :D

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Happy Birthday!!!
 :pig-23: :pig-23: :pig-23:

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happy b day my serbian brother

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Happy Birthday dear friend.
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happy bday sir dan :normal-4:

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nabnilo omg so many ppl love you
you must be so awesome
even though u are a dick
happy bday again!!!


Happy birthday breast  :police:

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Happy Birthday Dani.  :normal-8: :normal-23:

Thank you Honeylips for the beautiful avatar. ♥
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Already said on Skype, but happy birthday again Dani!

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Happy birthday Dani! Have a lovely day and lots of fun :P
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3