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The most EZ mode class (Endgame)?

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Which class out of these 3, in your opinion, takes the least amount of skill to play?
My vote is for fully geared cleric in a 1v1. Taking 0 brain power to process as they use the same combination of skills on repeat until eventual victory. Thoughts?

1.) 3.33 base Sage assassin

2.) Fully geared sage Cleric

3.) Fully geared sage Mystic

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Dragon aps barb  :normal-25:
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Fully geared ep, as they can afk tank anything then demolish with dd gear, then my vote would go for 3.33 sage assassin and fully geared mystic actually takes a lot of skill to master but once you master it, it is strange op

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Dragon aps barb  :normal-25:
We'll leave zooted out of it  :-X


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aps barb + whatever veno
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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Barb + veno braindead class nothing else

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Totally disagree especially on the sin and mystic part. Play either of 'em and you'll see my point.

Barb + veno braindead class nothing else
Wise words xddd

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Almost every class is "EZ" endgame. But if I had to pick one above all it would be the aps barb. Aps+primal hammer (or occult ice if the .1% chance the knockdown doesn't happen). It's kinda funny I see more aps barbs strutting around like a peacock with their e-peen out thinking their pro but you use a "poke skill" and they drop.. your class op and nerfs are needed :-\

But out of the 3 classes mentioned I'd say sin. Eventually aps is going to win out. It's just the law of the land. Holds more truth than Google  :-X

-Everyone and their dead mom's cat known the cleric combo. If you can't beat it then thats on you and your genie bub.

-And mystic is far from easy (I'm playing one now) and good god. Props to the actual mystics that play and know more than Nature's vengence and Absorb soul.
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Pretty much all classes take little time to learn/master. There isn't enough variety in the game (with regards to skills, and combos), so every class generally follows a set of actions. 1vs1's end up being damage output, reaction speed, and at times class (ex. a good mage will always beat a good wb).

Easiest class to learn and play well? WF. Straight forward combo, can tank very well, can do insane damage, debuffs, dark ironwood, etc.

Would like to say sin as well, and probably would've before I made a 3.33 sin and played it for a week (did fairly well as an experienced player, but it's not an easy class).

Can't really think of any other class that's insanely easy to play in 1 vs 1, though an endgame mage, DD ep, and ea are fairly easy if you're a decent player overall and have decent timing.

Haven't played mystic, psy, or seeker so no comment on those.

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Barb + veno braindead class nothing else

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