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Placing a timer between usages of Teles


Would help cut down on unnecessary spam/flooding. If it's not doable, please explain why it's not doable to the best of your ability.

If implemented you could go for 30 seconds between each teleacoustic use, although that's just my idea.

There aren't any drawbacks that I see. Wouldn't kill the market or WC usage at all. Some people might hate that they can't flood WC with useless garbage but they just need to be flexible and learn how to be patient :P

Thoughts? (Apologies for my bad english/grammar)

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+1 I love the idea

Offline Tonika

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+1  :normal-37: :normal-1:

Not entirely sure if it's possible though. Would need to ask Agatio or let him answer.
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Offline Mihi

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-1. I like spamming wc.

Offline Swane

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-1. I like spamming wc.

Offline Σѕкιмo

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-1. People have conversations in world chat sometimes, granted it's mostly trash talk, but trash talk is a part of the game too, so.. yeah.

Offline Rumi

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and if it's possible and the idea is implemented anyway, at least make it 10 seconds at the most since that is more than enough time, really

30 seconds is way too long

Offline Cynix

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Offline Xia

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-1. I like spamming wc.

That, and it's not nice for people who want to post multiple links.
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Offline 🌙

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-1 people who spam get muted if they do it too much, and that's fine
this would be more inconvenience (like said about people who want to trade multiple items, and others who use wc in 'normal' ways )  than its worth

Offline ᴰᴱᴬᴰ†

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yea, why not +1 >:D

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+1 Nice idea man.
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Offline Pharaoh

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-1. Let us world chat in peace as much as we want. Flooding = mute anyway but 30 secs between teleacoustics it's retarded.

Online Nea

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10 sec cd for telecoustics, ty

Offline Robbert

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thats so stupid