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The items, Skills and objects display yellow questionmark?

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i just downloaded the EPW yesterday, but in my PC it's totally fine. But when i copied to my Mac X Yosemite, the items, skilsl and anything just totally displayed yellow question mark. Can you guys plz help me fix it. Sorry for my bad english


All I can suggest is to try and verify all the files and if that doesn't work, wait for Evil Touch or Agatio to get online; they know a whole lot more than me on this subject.

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Create 32-bit wine prefix and it should fix it. Or alternately try other sandbox, like VirtualBox or BootCamp or PlayOnMac

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Thanks a lot for your guys help, let me try it
Hi, guys! I just managed to download epw too. problem is both crossover and playonmac still shows the yellow question marks, and sadly I'm not good with computers so i don't know how to make a 32-bit wine prefix! Can anyone help me out? thank you

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What I suggest you to do is to ask Agatio in a private message for help. He may know what the problem is. Glad you managed to partly fix it!