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LocKnLoaD faction recruiting all members!

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LocKnLoaD is a VERY active faction! we do bh/nw/bq/tm runs/pv/fc/events of all kinds! (even make up our own events for prizes!) Just about anything PW related. We are a kicked back relaxed faction that likes to have fun and joke around with each other! we don't do drama. our ONLY rule is don't beg for coins when u first join our family! We are recruiting all classes and lvls.

Leader: DangerCamo

Director: ShadowPorter

Marshalls: Galenxephyr, Sarajayne, Pretelethal, and SnowNinja

Executors: mytaur, KaiChi, RolanD, RoyalDagger, Tawk, darknite, Anjii and canTANKerous

Our newly remodeled website is: http://www.locknloadfac.shivtr.com/

So come and check us out, hang out with us and chill! oh and please check out the website and maybe even join if want ;)
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