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After several rounds of making easies in both event. I make best suggestion :

Class cap for Heaven team: 1x EP and 1x assasin

Class cap for Girls team : 1x venomonster

will make fights more even, trust player Soochi GN xd  :police:


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The moment when haters become fans *rofl*


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+1 bro good idea

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I didn't participate in/see these events, but when they were being announced I had a feeling it would be a little imbalanced class-wise. Sounds like a good idea.


That's something that the GM's would have to decide on. I don't THINK (could be 100% wrong) that we, as the playerbase, have a choice.

If we do then I oppose to this.

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It used to be limited to 3 per class, BvG or HvH, and we reduced it to 2 per class limit. In my opinion, this works well. We always take the first 10 PMs. If there are already 2 of so and so class, we move to the next PM. Making it 1 assassin or 1 cleric or 1 veno isn't really fair, in my opinion. :/ Besides that, we'd also have to limit it to 1 barb. I don't know, this doesn't seem like a good idea and I think other GMs will agree with me. Sorry. :/
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