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[shadow=red,left]It has been a long time since I posted something in here, I do hope you'll like it.. ty

The things I've done,
the moves I've made,
ignorance is never an excuse,
to all the failures I did.

All of them for me is an illusion,
slowly vanishing in the darkness,
not a single trace of existence,
the sad heart, striving for greatness.

The melodies I all sang,
is a mirror of my life's curtain,
the symphony it brought was lost,
and shall never, ever be heard again..

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That's quite beautiful and deep. I find that self-reflection is always the hardest thing to do and the most poignant thing to write about. I do hope to hear/read more of your poetry.

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We use to write Poems all the time in my Writers Elite Club back in High School, short stories too :P
I really like this, good work