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Wep fash requirements

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I don't like that Axe fash works on sword/poleaxe etc weapons.
In PK it's hard to switch between 4 different weapons via hotkey constantly and still know exactly what wep you have on all the time w/o being able to see.

Because of that in PK I can only really have fist fash on.
Also you chilling thinking you cool, next thing you know someone is fking you with skills that don't work with the wep you see them holding.

I think its dumb.

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I agree with my e-date,+1

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Me agree guise, axe/pole skins should only be shown when those weapons are equipped, like with fists and claws.

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-1, I like some other poleaxe fashion better than some axe fashion and its already applied to fist fashion when you change weapon. Unless they let BM be able to wear 4 fashion weapon but the fashion would only show if your using the right weapon for the fashion.

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How about making 2 types. One that works only with axes, and another that works with all?


-1. They're fine just the way they are.

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Agreed, This is the main cause for the old glitch of barbs with sword weapon skins too. +1

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