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First pk is from day before second one was huge lasted about 2 hours :)


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good video was nice pk Charlize carried i think :police:
Then everyone got bored and seeing me dead for so long didnt help with morale  :rolleyes:

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nice vid
So easy though  ;)

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 :sad: Some ppl just don't wanna give up after getting deaths from aoe. Was nice pk.

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Great video enjoyable to watch  :smiley:

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Nice harp Good Video Man :smiley:

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Awesome pk great video


good stuff man

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Great video harp.

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 :PGreat vid asusual.

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I don't care what you think about me, cause i don't think about you at all _!_

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Nice video, pk was fun  :))

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Nice vid! looks fun
☆Barbarian the Superior race

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nice vid, looks like you guys had a blast
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