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How about making a gallop every day and at the end of each day, I count which answer got the most answers?   ;D hoho!
First gallop:
What is more important in accordance to your opinion?:

The results will be posted here the next day at 3-4 p.m. Have fun! :D Comment below what you think that is more important. Also give me your opinion about our next gallop! What would you like it to be?

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I'll pick 2, idc.
Family & Intelligence.

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They're all equally important.

If I had to order though my absolute need..

3, 2, 4 , 1

Family because your family continues your family line, will support you and lives on through you.

Money because with money anything is possible

Intelligence because if you're not smart with the two options above you'll surely fail in life.

And fame contributes to all of the above.

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New gallop:
There's a NPC in Archosaur named kitten, where is it?:
Good luck. About the previous gallop no answer was picked twice, let's hope this gallop goes better. There's a pic of the NPC, good luck!