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Unable to get Gold from previous votes from Past 4-5days

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Hi there Admins and moderators,
I am an avid fan of your server , i started playing few days ago. However me and my sister are unable to get gold from votes from the past 4-5days as you might already know being a new player in the server how important gold is to us.
 We would really appreciate if any GM or Admin would take this issue into serious notice.
If the problem isn't solved we would feel extremely sad and will be forced to leave the server.

The account details are :-
my account , sister's account. If it is possible try to get us our gold back for the previous votes, we know you can.

Thanks alot for your time and importance.
Being Positive and awaiting for a suitable response.

With best regards
Aviroop & Poulami
Feel free to contact at any point of time.... btw i tried World Chat and asked for GMs earlier.
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Experienced that once. Try to clear your cookies and history before voting. :)
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Experienced that once. Try to clear your cookies and history before voting. :)

This ^

Also, you can only vote from 1 account per IP address every 6 hours.

Please do not give any of your info out here on forum unless it's on Helpdesk. As for the gold, I mean it's FREE gold and we have no for sure way of really knowing what happened so I doubt we can give it to you, to be honest. Quitting server for that simple matter is kind of silly though.
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Forced to leave server.. Oh no a bit of gold qq I must leave.  ???
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