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Class Limit for 1v1 Playoffs #Part2

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You just defeated yourself.

Locking the topic doesn't change the fact that ONE CLASS that gets the most advantage of unfair rules gets 40% or even more attendance of the entire event.

Correct me if i am wrong but that's exactly what the topic was about. It takes away the variety.

Offtopic and troll comments are not welcome since some players actually care to get a change in the rules to make it fair for everyone.
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Stop disrespecting the gm.

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I already talked to Aga about this. He's already said we will not be limiting classes in Playoffs event.

Don't make another topic about it. Thanks.  Actually, I contradicted myself. Not like I would lie about people who PM me or people who come. Point is: I get a variety of classes PMing me, but they're down the line of PMs.

Just to add, we can't help that more people play sins than other classes.
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