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odd error message when trying to log EPW on Desktop

ok so when i try to patch, run, or do anything that relates to playing Epw, i get this error message (see attachment)
now it only does this on my desktop but works fine on my lap top
idk what the issue is...
i've reinstalled, redownloaded, tried from different drives nothing works D:(i have 3 dirives, OS, and 2 slaves and it gives the same error on all 3 trust me i tried) so any help is appreciated ^^
EDIT: forgot to mention
when i try to patch the game , the patcher just closes after i click update -_-

Offline IceNiki

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What os is that?
os is Windows 8.1 x64
Oooook then <.<
seems all i had to do was reboot my pc *shrugs*
it's fine now o.o
no idea what the issue was D:
eh whatevs lol

Offline Harry

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Did you recently do an update that wanted you to reboot your pc? That may have caused it.

Offline Meric

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You must elementclient.exe /patcher.exe about your virus program release has restricted access so that your firewall .

say me plz you Virus programm ?!