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Hi my name is Sab. I'm currently New to Mage  :normal-25:

I had to add this to the description. Some players have been asking me of why i use a DS other than a cube neck for pk as a Mage, since it will just make me more squishy. Generally speaking,Mages are casters that deal massive damage, and their role is to nuke as much people as possible, making a living hell for BMs and Barbs, CCing like strange and supporting squad members when possible. Getting to the point, wizards are not EPs or mystics that are suppose to tank, they are DDers who are suppose to die and take +999999 players to hell with them. The only survival a mage can get is by their kiting, positioning and genie use. Cube neck aint **** in pk, you'll still be a heiro bug if AAed by 4-6 eas. It's still good to have a 20+ str cube neck in a skill bar to switch just in case. Nevertheless, DS neck has more impact in damage than a cube neck would have on survival. That's my personal view, even though some of you guys would disagree.
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wb to the action sab xD

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omg you still suck wtf


Good video, needs more spark tho  :normal-42:

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I enjoy the music quite much tbh

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Nice video,wb =)

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Welcome back brother.

Nice video , i like particullary the first PK , reading Karem's non sense on chat  :normal-2:

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Entertaining to watch


Welcome back brother
Nice video + Music

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Welcome Back master Steerz ;)
Always good video and the moves of alpha mg

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Easy Sab, Huoua your master.  :police:

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Welcome back.  ^-^
“Everything must be equal in your eyes, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, foolish and wise.”
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nice video, i liked the first pk

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