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Hi guys :D
I want to make something new and idk if anyone did it before me.
So i want to make a blog/or thread like diary lol,
i will delete all chars, and start a new one.
And i want to post at least one post per day (maybe with screens)
I will also give some advice and tips for newbies so guides included.
You think is a nice idea?
Ty and hope you be watching this! ;)


A blog with helpful hints towards the newer folks sounds and your daily life in EPW sounds  like a good idea. Just don't get burned out on it. Pace yourself and enjoy what you do.

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Seems like a cool idea. Good luck with it. :)

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I remember that blog we had once. Idk, "daily epic"? I don't even know if it counts as a blog. But I know that it was awesome. Blog is good, only depends on who writes it

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I remember in the distant past.. blogs were a hot thing on the internet.
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