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Hello Everyone!

I'm new on here and i am so excited to finally can play, but my download seriously started 14 hours ago and it's just 26% done  :'( I never had such problem with downloading a PW client :( i really hope ingame it won't be that dissapointing!! Coming over from Hex-PW, because my hubby is here aswell :) Btw, which class would you guys suggest? I play a mystic on hex and on normal PWI i was used to Psy and Sin.


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if ur download is slow try rebooting your modem :/
we never had any problem with the downloads :o
and class its up to players :D
i only GM i dont actually play :x
but im a Mystic  ;)

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When I first downloaded Epic It took me forever because I have a bunch of things opened on my computer, maybe if you closed everything else besides epic downloading it should go faster hopefully and Eviltouch is a Hax'd Mystic  :'(