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gm pls try be nice with players, don't lock their topic like 3-4 sec OMG, i guess all players are 18+ LOOL why they ego war each others??  :normal-43: :normal-43:

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u forgot me..

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a big number of ppl here are actually not 18+ ... ijs
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Why would you deserve a nice attitude when you cannot listen and ignore all requests and warnings?
You were asked nicely to stop, but you've kept going.
Respect goes both ways.

Edit: The thread you are trying to hard so keep open was sufficiently discussed here:
There is no need for another.
That is why you've been told to stop remaking the topic.

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c:

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Enough already. I explained to you exactly why I locked the topic. Just because people are 18+ does not mean they won't start drama/ego war. Stop making topics like this just because you're mad.
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