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Aight so I'm beyond new to this whole game, I've been looking through a lot of games and this one like others have caught my eye. I don't know if any others played Battle of the Immortals/War of the Immortals which seems to be 'relatives' of this game and has similar things.

I'd like to ask if there is a Teamspeak, Ventrillio, Raidcall or something to ask people wtf am I doing in this, I should have really played the original but 'time is money my friend'

So is there a guide on here that explains everything and is able to guide someone like me who is brand new to the game? Is there any you tube videos you guys could recommend to me? I've killed the bunnys, took about 2 minutes and I'm sitting at level 100 without a clue what to do.

So any advice is appreciated and any helpful advice is appreciated even more  ;D

Sincerely, possibly the most clueless person in this server.

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I think these 3 will be the most usefull guides for you atm.
I guess its pretty obvious what the beginners guide and leveling guide are about^^
The guide to guides is amazing and youll be using it alot even later in the game.
Its pretty self-explanatory once you open it :)

The very best thing you can do if you are all new to the game is to find yourself a faction / guild
Your guildies will be able to answer pretty much all your questions directly in the game ( or (depending on the faction) also on voice chat ) also you might meet some really nice people and maybe a partner to lvl up and farm gears with.

If you keep an eye on world chat im sure you will see some recruiting msgs popping up.
You can also check Alot of guilds want already geared max lvl players but there are plenty of others that dont mind inviting beginners and helping them on their way.

Idk about youtube videos, sorry.

Oh and first thing you should do:
kill 1 more bunny xD they lvl you up to lvl 110 :P

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Neve covered it pretty damn well.
I just wanted to add a little in regards to what to do after you get started.

Once you hit 150, there is quite a bit you can work on getting if you plan to PVP or join a big guild or whatnot.

Here is a small checklist to give you an idea:
- Farming Epic Coins: Our main currency on EPW
- Cultivation: Some people work on this while leveling, some wait till the end.
Either way it is now very easy to max your culti on EPW.
- Dragon gear: Not the best endgame gear but it will help you a lot until you can afford Rank 8 Recast,
plus some people tend to mix gear on some classes or use dragon weaps over Rank 8 weaps.
- Rank 8 Recast: Our endgame gear. The stats vary so you will need quite a bit of Epic Coins and such to reroll.
- Accessories: Endgame are Warsong belt, Cube of Fate neck and/or Dragonchild Neck
- Supreme Robe: Endgame robe, also upgradable

Then there is a bunch of other stuff that you need to work on later,
like Meridian, Titles, War Avatar cards etc etc but I don't want to overload you at the moment
and those things can wait.

The above checklist will have you minimally geared to start looking at PVP or factions.

Guides for the checklist:
- Epic Coins: http://epicpw.com/guides/epic-coin-guide/
- Cultivation: http://epicpw.com/guides/sage-demon-cultivation-guide/
- Dragon Gear: http://epicpw.com/guides/gearsweaponsaccessories-guide/
- Rank 8 Recast: http://epicpw.com/guides/rank-8-recast-guide/
- Accessories: http://epicpw.com/guides/dragonchild%27s-scale-warsong-belt-cube-necklace/
- Supreme Robe: http://epicpw.com/guides/trophy-mode-lunar/

As Neve said, the Guide to Guides is amazing and I highly recommend, as a new player, that you bookmark it.
There is a guide for just about everything on this server.

Also, don't forget to vote!
The gold will be helpful for getting some items in our boutique (press O in game)
Vote link: http://panel.epicpw.com/

Enjoy and welcome to EPW!
Please feel free to contact staff in game or via forums with any questions ^_^

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c:

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I'm new too, at least to EPW. Played PWI pretty extensively. Feel free to add me if you'd like a fellow noob to chat with.  :smiley:

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Always read the guides, sure, but also watch a few video's of the PvP from the same of your class to get tips on how to play. You can learn a lot from others who are seemingly "good" in the eyes of the community.