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Genie switch state: reduce/remove the timer.

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Do we really have to wait for a week so we can trade genie ?
Is there no other way?

This is just an idea, no hatred.

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+1 don't know if it's possible though

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+2 for this good idea

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+1 I think I was on another server where the time to be able to trade genies was reduced to 3 days...

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+1 For easy dispose of bad genie.  :))

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+1 For easy dispose of bad genie.  :))

^ This

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+1 because of the I have alts with inventories stacked up with bad LP genies waiting for Trade Ready. This'd be really handy 8)
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That would be really nice, good suggestion.

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I hope there is a way to reduce or remove it completely, unfortunately it might be one of those things that can't be edited

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I hated having to make brand new genies (because I have the worst luck) just because I can't trade them. I don't have enough patience. Not to mention you can't sell them.
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Not sure if its possible to remove the timer completely, if its not just make the time shorter so people can trade or get rid of unwanted genies more easily. +1

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this was suggested before... no clue what aga said to it tho x: +1


+1 with the idea, I got too many genies with low Lucky Points stocked on my inventory. =/