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i have voted ot the server and i didn't get the points.. what's going on?

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Try clearing your cookies and such, like the following ss:

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Try clearing your cookies and such, like the following ss:
^That, also, it can take up to like 15 minutes before you receive the gold, just be sure to relog if you voted while logged in. ^^
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Voting only gives you gold in game in your boutique not points in the donation system. If you arent receiving gold. #1 try clearing your browsing history and cache  #2 try using a different browser all together eg. Mozilla instead of chrome
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If all those things do not work,
Consider sending a  thoughtful and well written essay to Agatio, complaining about the injustice of the vote system.
Debate and argue that he rewards you with 15k EC, of which you missed out on due to lack of months of irregularities in the vote system.

^ Please note that the above suggestion will most likely not work, but it does not hurt to attempt .
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I imagine if there is lag with the topsite's server, you wont get the gold right away like usual.
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