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Making a Celestial Schism

Offline Lily

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Hi everyone :)
I'm having some trouble with making the Celectial Schism thingie to be able to change my cultivation. When I try to do the quest it says that I don't meet the prerequisite of the quest.. And I don't know what I'm missing.
I got my third fairy, that mold thing and the 200 celestial stones :/
Does anyone have an idea? Cuz I don't ^^"
Thx in advance!

Offline Agatio

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To do Sage / Demon Conversion quest you need to:
- complete your Cultivation Quests - even if you have third fairy gained from the Boutique, you still have to finish the 'yellow' quests
- have Celestial Schism Mold
- have 200 mirages

From what I see you probably didn't finish the Culti Quests.

Offline Lily

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Ahh that's probably it ^^"
Will do those once I've the time and hope that that was the problem, thx a lot~!