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Why do i drop Old Epic Coins when i die? >.<

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maybe its somewere written here but,
when i farm at NS and someone kills me there.
Then why when ppl kill me, do i drop old epic coins?
its soo anoying.

once i had like 100+
en some sin from stealth poppet out killed me and took my coins.
i dont think thats fun...
I pretty hope its going to change,
cuz i always have to tell ppl to NOT kill me.
but they still do it, cuz they thinks it funny.
not really >.>


Go to the 'Event Items' forge and craft them into Epic Coins. You won't drop them then. Its supposed to be part of Nightscream Island.

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There's 2 solutions for that:

1. Log a char on another account, make a party with that char and both chars enter the 79 cave. Then get 1 char to farm the coins and go trade the other char who's safely in the 79 cave each time you have around 5 to 10 coins. Make sure that the other account has a teleport stone to get safely in town.

2. Run or teleport back to Dreamweaver every 5-10 coins to stash them in your bank.

Might be tedious a bit but the less coins you have on your farming char, the less profitable it is to kill you.

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Nightscream was designed this way in a remake of Blood Theater as a pvp instance; not a farming instance which is why they drop just as if blood hearts would drop in theater.

Nightscream is a PVP instance not a farming instance :/
I've suggested other features to go along with these coins
  • Chi Stakes around Island
  • God's Giving at safezone
  • NPC - Gives Super Sight Blessing for 1hour for so many of these OBC which will only work inside this map
  • New Forge at Nightscream to exchange OBC for special runes we have in boutique (aga) Custom all class Blessings (Jones/other)

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NightScream Is Full PvP Area. >.< Get Used To It.
You Better Be Scared...

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i still think its stupid.


i still think its stupid.

Then go to Shrine of the Ancestors to farm EC. Its part of the instance and it won't be changed.

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