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will take some time till we get this but here is the trailer of china new expantion for pwi

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So new class again? COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. :D

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idk if they r new classes , i read that they might be the Empresses of Ancient Kingdoms of Pangu, might be like the orders u prolly have to select 1 of them

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To y knowledge its 1 new class per race, No new races. So each Untaimed, Human, Elf, Tide, And Earthguard will each get 1 new class giving each a total of 3 to choose from. As to if epic will get this update is a whole nother story. Alot of testing will need to be done ballence wise if we get new classes.

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Very Choppy models but I like the last one. :o

r9 Recast Gears Seem to look rather amazing:

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if they are doing what kratos is saying
- Human?
- Untamed?
- I dunno? @_@
- Elf?

Very Choppy models but I like the last one. :o

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I'd hope to expect the r9 recraft skins placed upon our dragon sets to flow with Demonic look upgrading into dragon look. would be something. ^_^

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There is no new classes, the patch is about TW wars between servers which is useless here, 4th R9 cast (+70 atk level weapons, so more ridiculously OP and expensive gear so they can suck more money) and boost of some skills for each class (decreased cooldowns / improved strength / etc).

Video from the test server:

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Actually, skills are getting buffed as well.
Most of the 79, 100 and Morai skills will have their cooldown reduced to 1-3 minutes.
Every DoT skill has been buffed so it deals damage equal to x% of weapon damage + fixed damage instead of only fixed damage.
Blademaster: Sage has been buffed, Sage HF will recover 75 chi for example, Drake Breath Bash will have 35% chance not to cost the spark.. etc. Leaps will have a chance to purify and give AD status (which is not confirmed yet since original posts are in chinese - would be OP if you ask me).
Wizard: Pretty much nothing has been modified apart from 79/100/Morai skills and DoT's.
Archer: Sage quickshot gives 20% crit for 15 seconds, that's pretty much only good change. BV will have CD reduced to 2 seconds.
Cleric: Buffs to morai metal mage mode skills, Elven boon seal chance increased to 35%.
Venomancer: Nova buffed to 95% seal/freeze chance, Lucky scarab duration extended by 1 second, Morai pet buff stacks with claw. Best buffs pretty much.
Barbarian: Blood bath buffed so it doesn't reduce so much HP, Morai skills buffed.
Psychic: Pretty much nothing.
Assassin: Sage raving slash doesn't reduce def level anymore, other changes pretty useless.
Seeker: Magic attacks can zerk now. Replaced effects of some demon/sage skills.
Mystic: Most important change is that Absorb soul can crit now (has a 3 x crit chance to deal 1.3 x damage).

Source: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1413161&

I hope we will be getting this update. I read on PWI forums that there will not be new classes but new TW cross-server system. Someone already posted patch notes but can't find it now. This is where most information came from http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1397411.

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Alot of testing will need to be done ballence wise if we get new classes.
As Aga said, there are no new classes.

But imagine if there were:
Lot of testing and balancing done, everything is fine tuned for average player.

After some time some people master new classes, and some others
(unable to master them) start QQ-ing "they are overpowered".

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Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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To further Explain what the models I had posted actually are after reading about it more. Aga is right, they are not new classes at all.

Emperor Locations:
Dragon King Ship:

Subversion city concept of the Dragon King waves struck

Qing Emperor the subversion city concept, the giant ship, to learn the structural features of the ancient Chinese ship,
made in the keel above the King Dragon line, but not the tail in the fog.
Trailing yacht like ants in general, enveloped in the Dragon King of the shadow.
Leading giant mouth open flame, in contrast, the vigorous momentum. On both sides of the dragon rib to maintain a smooth hull,
dynamic beating heart of the central dragon, and to provide all the power for the Dragon King number, attached to the dragon soul giant ship in the rough sea shuttle forward,
wan if the valley of death. Both the main city of the majestic young Emperor Dragon King hull rear stands.
Building mostly retro wooden loft, decorative bronze, red brick sight of the central palace Caesar made with a strong oriental flavor.
The giant ship through the waves struck, will bring a strong visual impact of the unexpected.

Black Castle:

The release of the original charm without fear of a blizzard of black ice at Fort

Black Emperor are setting a combination of Viking style, the main city of the "Black Ice Castle" where the wild north,
depending on the snow-capped mountains and perennial snow cover. Architectural style and bold outline.
The main city is made of solid rock and giant trees cast, indestructible, huge spikes and barricades stand in the fortress city gates, the symbol of inviolability.
The statue of the former leader of the black emperor Ivan, standing in front of the castle, represents the absolute power.

Whitehead City:

Superior panoramic luxury Whitehead city's local close-up

Is located in the White Emperor of the Western continent, thousands of years are peaceful city-state architectural style similar to medieval Europe,
terrain and more from the rivers and the impact of plains or hills, castles, hillside, into the Baroque architectural style,
The white stone, the sky, as if the city in the sky. Earth, from the city overlooking the river stream, come together to form a waterfall.
Quiet prairie and forest gave birth to life one of the King of Peace. The sun shaman, Grand Central Plaza in the city, and scattered the people rest in the side of the pond,
castle grand and quiet, and the Whitehead building and courtyard garden shows Bai Di peoples for generations to the pursuit of elegant art,
and pigeon flocks fly between the tower for the Royal Park with to the holy and auspicious.

Fire Crater:

Dragon magic Chidi home fire Yongyeon

The Chidi s located in the south of the crater is the natural walls of buildings are mostly stone pyramids or high platform,
 surrounded by rock urban terrain bath center ring. Shed magma from the top of the cliff, forming a lava waterfall, flames spring up several meters high,
vapor layers enveloped. The city ground cracking hot, barren, harsh living environment for people, people living in dire poverty.
Magma gushing under high-turbulent, will reflect the sky was red, the flames from generation to generation here in multiply, Chidi the control is the most lethal weapons.

Emperor Info:

Green Emperor Qingtiao:

Oriental pirates under the cheongsam Qing Emperor coldest

Speaking of pirates, most people that come to mind is the Western pirate played by Johnny Depp, and there is no pure oriental pirate concept.
"Perfect World" as China's most beautiful online adhere to create games with Chinese characteristics and strive to be beautiful to the limit.
The Qing Emperor coldest image into a large number of Chinese elements, long red cheongsam highlights the Chinese women's exquisite consistent posture,
a symbol of the imperial dragon embroidery and elegant peony, highlight the dominance of the saying goes, only peony true country color, bloom season, moving the capital.
Waist jade sidearms is a special Chinese art treasures, man jade stones to bring out the delicate and soft beauty of the Oriental woman.
The coldest Qingtiao bending and defiant, long hair flowing with the sea breeze, filling the arrogant attitude.
Sailing no end, killing a carnival, you have the courage to set foot on her dragon boat?

Black Emperor Edith:

Unyielding in the snow quite Wang black emperor Edith

Black Emperor Edith is the leader of the very king, dress in leather and bone, wearing a sheep bones determination helmet face vigorous and effective swing of the ax,
the pursuit of absolute power.
Ax on the head decoration from the conquered enemy, a symbol of the leader of the bit can not be violated, the full meaning of her life fighting.
Waist Messenger of the horn is very king-specific convened, the sound of the trumpet million Man roaring echoes.
Reveals the barbarians and poor living environment for the vast snow-capped mountains and animal bones, only a determination of the will of the talent to survive,
to be barbarians, ready to accept Edith test?

White Emperor Bai Di Silva:

Elegant and fearless knight of Bai Di Silva

Flowing blond hair Bai Di Silva, has a sweet angelic face, her graceful, extraordinary temperament under the crown of light,
smile warm the hearts of the people benevolent fraternity is all admiration for the noble queen.
Wear the armor she is a brave knight captain, has a knight's courage and faith, under the heavy armor sword with ease,
armed with sword to gallop Kill gesture as light dances on the dance floor.
Under her leadership, the White Emperor, Knights of the heroic, kills countless invincible Excalibur, the blade referred to rivers of blood.
To join the White Emperor, Knights, and swear allegiance to the glory of the empire, you are willing to fight for her?

Red Emperor Chidi Xiao:

Abdomen black LORI Dragon king Chidi dawn pure

Chidi dawn pure Lolita petite stature, innocent face, a red dress and abdomen black smile, people can not help but think of the destructive full demon.
Pink double pony tail as if jumping flames, cute cute. Xiao pure, as the descendants of flames, proficient in fire spells, the whole body to be haunted by the flame,
riding trails are lit the fire. Petite head but to the life-sized sword as a weapon, but also to control the highly lethal fire-breathing dragon, is staggering.
Pet flames Nemo refused to leave, follow around dawn pure intimate partners. Cute and abdomen black Chidi Xiao pure selling Meng struck, have you completely conquer?

Source: http://forum.pw.das7002.info/general-discussion/(discussion)-new-pwcn-expansion-1-4-6/

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So who will be first to make a fact called Emperor XD looks cool to me if it can be implemented on EPW and if not psh no biggie.
I am.
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seems pretty nice patch if i think to dot boost because atm they are kinda useless and every class got dot skill :D

how balanced will be with new dots idk but i like this buff and i also hope the wizzard lv79 udine stike now got a range buff because that 27.5m pretty crap when demon sage skills got 31m
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and other lower level sage mystic/psy/archer :D

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We will patch it if it gets released, however the amount of stuff this update actually adds is much lower compared to Descent. So far from what I saw, I'd say that it's the poorest PW 'expansion' ever...