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Happy birthday Kaid!

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It's her birthday today  :normal-37:

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happy birthday bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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happy birthday!


Not sure if troll or troll  :police:

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Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday!  :normal-25:
It's like we burn so bright, we burn out
I made you chase me
I wasn't that friendly
My love, my drug, we're fucked up, oh

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happy b day jenny

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HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY  :smiley: ;) ^-^ :D :-* O:-) 8) ;D :)) >:D :sad: :-[ :-\ :-X >:( :rolleyes: :shocked: ??? :'( :police: :tiger-34: :tiger-44: :tiger-44: :monkey-45: :monkey-23: :monkey-23: :monkey-4: :monkey-15: :pig-8: :normal-23:


Happy Birthday Jen :3

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Happy Birthday Madame ;)

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Self Freedom applies only when it doesn't affects the Freedom of another person who follows this quote
happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls


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Happy Birthday hun! <3

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happy b-day noob  ;)

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Happy birth day  :pig-4: