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Hello I just saw that PWI will release new update in 13 days :3
That means December 16th.
Can't wait!
http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/pwi/news/detail/9007823-pwi-eclipse-overview%21#race here's the link that you can check new race and 2 new classes

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it was already out on china link 2 months ago . . . or just last month  . . . . . already knew the expansion a month ago :)

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People have already been discussing about this a lot from a long time in this thread:
You can go through it. :)
Agatio, EvilTouch, Alexypk, Magestic, Chocolate, Dream and Suns were all slain by Balnazar. Keeping scores?

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oow didn't even see it :C