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Bug problem :/

Offline Kim

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Just like to inform you that I am back in epw again... :)) but when months passed.........I don't know what happened to my epw launcher just have some bugs like this tho :/

When i log in to my character and then i played for just 25 secs.. its just getting some error and i don't know why..

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Offline Ste_

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Might have to get a fresh download. Not 100% Sure what the problem here could be, could be some corrupted files perhaps, but I myself would download from scratch

Offline Kim

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Is it my main character faults? cause When i do log in to my main character it just crashed :/ , and i was making an another account and played and it didn't crashed and it works fine tho then I log in to my Main again and played to it then It Crashes for just 1 sec at a time :/ ? what the heck happened to my main :/

Offline Agatio

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Re-download the client please

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probably connection problems to ur account into the databse :p we had updated to Morai and some files switched places etc...

if you can, download our full client again please, it will clear all those problems :D

and dont forget to creatte an exception on ur antivirus, just in case ;)