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DC Problems after patch v34

Offline Watain

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I've been having severe problems with DCs ever since v34 was implemented. Internet connection is fine, ping usually around 120. Yet for periods at a time I DC every 3-4 minutes. Needless to say it's freakin annoying. Any suggestions?

Offline No[Ammo]

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Try to verify ur game? And otherwise... I have no idea? Maybe re-install?

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try rebooting your modem.
did you install any program recently?

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Some people having this problem too. But after some update, they are not DC'ing. Wait for some updates then. :)
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Offline Watain

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Thanks for the replies. Done everything on the list, now I'll just wait and see how it works out this weekend.

@EvilTouch: Nope, I haven't installed anything in the past 2 weeks.