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The old thread was getting a bit too hard to find information in so I'm going to try to reorganize things in a new thread. This expansion is slated for a 9/24 PWCN release but has already hit the PWCN test server.

Let me know if there is info I am missing from the old thread.

Previous Thread

Top Questions

Whats this about PW2 and a new engine?
This update is being marketed as PW2 in China but it is most definitely just an expansion. The engine upgrade is also overstated and the new areas don't look noticeably improved from what we've seen in recent expansions.

When are we getting it?
It hit CN on 9/24. The word is that it's currently planned here for January but the team will try to push that down to late december.

Expansion Notes

New Race:
"Hazy" race with two new classes: "Night Shadow" and "Moon Fairy".
Character creation screenshots
Flyers gallery (video)

Night Shadow
Night Shadow Skill Descriptions + Sage/Demon
A LA sword user (class restricted dex-based sword)
- has a passive to reduce ranged damage taken
- a squad buff to reduce crit damage taken.
- can enter a temporary transformed state with increased APS and reduced skill cooldowns
- has combo skills that can only be used if chained together
- has a teleport stun with a cooldown that is reset when the target dies
- can use blood paint
- can copy certain skills from nearby classes (Video) Ingame descriptions of copied skills (can be used of friendly targets now)

Jarken's Nightshadow Discussion Thread
Gameplay level 1-13 and commentary (Jarken)
Gameplay level 13-21 and commentary (Jarken)
Gameplay level 21-32 and commentary (Jarken)
Meditation and Transformation of the LA class.

Moon Fairy
Moon Fairy Skill Descriptions + Sage/Demon
an AA class with a sickle (class restricted).
- most skills can be channeled while moving
- can create self duplicate (pet) Video
- Ranged AOE Reel In skill
- a passive to reduce melee damage taken.
- squad buff lowers damage taken from normal attacks by 20% (lvl 10).
- There are a lot of skills that produce these swirling Ice/Thunder balls around you and other skills that use them. You can have (max?) 3 balls around you and they can be 2 of one kind and 1 of the other.
Level 44 skill showcase from Mel
Character Creation and Initial Gameplay (youtube)

Meditation and Transformation

Skill Descriptions
Moon Fairy / Nightshadow Sage / Demon skills (Chinese)
Skill Listing (Russian)
Sage / Demon Skills (translated from Russian)
Raw chinese (updated 9/24)
Night Shadow Skills translated by Eoria
Moon Fairy Skills translated by Eoria

New starting area
This is replacement for the old Origination one
- Players have to be level20+ to leave the new area
- My alt that was in the old origination land was auto-teled to the new start area.
- My lvl 1 alt that was already in arch got a popup prompting it to tele to the new area.
- You can ignore the prompt though and stay in arch.

New Land / City
There is a new island east of Misfortune
HD Youtube video of the area (Mel)

New instance
Desert-themed instance that is randomly generated
Uses random tiles like these
Entrance Location and Entrance
HD video of instance entrance and peak inside
Moon Fairy squad run of the instance (level 50 ver)

Run of the level 100 version (video)

1. 2nd awakening lvl 100
2. Mirage Sky X ?
3. Can enter 3 times a day
4. 7 - 10 people

Boss drops materials to upgrade r8r gear

There is a baby version of this instance too:
1. level 50+
2. 6 player squad
3. Boss drops materials to make low level gear (lvl 55-85)

Equipment Upgrades
R8r, Morai gear, and Warsoul weapons can be upgraded
Youtube video of all the forges

Video of archo forges and nirvana forges

R8rr Gear
-4 random stats instead of 3 (not 100% confirmed)
-same set bonus
-no new weapon effects
-higher base stats
-higher refine bonus
-random stats are basically the same pool but come with higher values
-there's a spirit of forge where you can use chienkuns to preview stats before you reroll
Stat comparison of R8rr vs R8r
Gallery of all the new R8rr weapons + the new race weapons http://imgur.com/a/L5r5N

Warsoul Weapons
Two new stages of Warsoul Weapons added.  http://i.imgur.com/6nhnFZ9.jpg
-One half way between normal warsoul and first recast
-Second after first recast with guaranteed 65 attack level and better refine
Stat comparison of the new Warsoul Weapons

Morai gear recast is a little buffed. Weapon has +70 slaying levels and is now a part of the set.
Stat comparison of Morai G15 recast vs Morai G15 http://i.imgur.com/Ewc6gav.png
Morai Recast set (plus weapon):
3/6 = Warding Level +5
4/6 = Slaying Level +5
5/6 = Chan -6% (AA) Int -.05 (LA/HA)
6/6 = HP+600 (AA) / HP+650 (LA) / HP+750 (HA)

New Systems
1) Skill learning window revamp with new interface Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/kD3Q1Z0.png
2) New system to auto unlock a teleporter when you enter a town
3) New daily registration system. Can miss <= 3 days a month and get monthly. There are daily rewards too that progressively get better the more days you register. Screenshot List of prizes http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showpost.php?p=21902001&postcount=421
4) Mounts can be upgraded to go underwater
5) Advanced Cultivation conversion. An item that allows you to switch cultivation and autoconvert all level 11+ skills
6) Quest NPCs can be selected from quest tracker without clicking on them
7) Character creation has better camera controls
8) Equipment comparison function Screenshot, very basic http://i.imgur.com/6Svv69w.png
9) Can click on URLs in system chat
10) Easier to see fashion colors
11) Easier to enter 'complex characters' in chat
12) New TW land, the one next to Misfortune New TW MAP http://i.imgur.com/yzq201a.png

Quest Optimization
1) Low level quests are made easier
2) Low level cultivation has been simplified?
3) Some new level 80+ daily
4) New 8x and 9x BHs
5) New quests in each race's main city
6) level 28-105 quests have their XP buffed
7) New quest reward interface
8) strange stone buffed
9) New daily for lvl 83-95
10) Optimization for World Quest daily
11) Learning manufacturing skills unchanged
12) NPC locations in Archo and major cities have been adjusted
13) XP increase for Morai quests
14) New teleporter in Mirrorflower ?

Interface Optimization
1) New beginner guide
2) Event Calendar filtering
3) Better blacklist and shortcut key interface
4) Keyboard map entry for the shortcut keys
5) Better dressing room camera controls
6) New character switching menu
7) Better shortcut bar lock control
8) New aggressive mob indicator, can tell if mob will aggro Screenshot http://blog-imgs-60.fc2.com/r/u/s/rustrust/2764f5cd7b899e518870380941a7d933c9950d4a.jpg
9) Square minimap (if you have rotating minimap it will still be round) Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/HqOxzTQ.png
10) Better backpack interface with fashion
11) More pictures for beginner guide
12) Overhaul of the ingame encyclopedia
13) New portrait UI Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/gxaj1ia.png
- More memory configuration options
- New progress bar for the book demon
- Max inventory size increased from 64 to 80
- An extra page added to the pet bag (20 total slots)
- New manufacturing interface Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/nmNthVy.png

1) Revelation Potion can be used by assassins to increase awareness by 1 point
2) Cash shop update for new race

New loading screens
All DQ Items are 1 COIN (death of bot induced inflation!)
- No new Nuema / RB level / Sky Levels / Avatars / History Advancement, all primal stuff seems the same
- New Title Quest chain
- Adjusted required scores in the veno instance (?)

Misc Screenshots
FB19 Boss    http://f-picture.net/lfp/s04.radikal.ru/i177/1409/4a/7ce4c46e8c05.jpg/htm

How to log on yourself
If youre interested in trying this out now you can do so on PWCN. The steps you have to do are:
1) Setup an account on PWCN
2) Download the client
3) Install any patches that are needed
4) Log on

Here's a guide for setting things up and Installing patches.
How to answer the anti-bot question
Troubleshooting version mismatch

Resources / Credits
Mel's videos (RU community guy)
Japanese Blog "Just a little time"
Russian Site "PWmarket"
Wanmei News Updates
- attackerv (lots of PWCN news / forum posts)
- Eoria (skill translations)
- Jarken (Night Shadow playthrough videos)
- Mars - Morai (RU findings)

And more more Basic video exploring the new zone.

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Oh my god how do you type all this.
veri nice though ;-;

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.


Amazing, thank you so much. I wouldn't search for all this information since I won't play PWI and I guess EPW will be patched to that version on late 2015 - beginning 2016. But since it's all here in one place, why not read ^-^. Great job!

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I'm excited to try this new patch, but do you really think EPW will get it so soon (Dec 2014-early 2015)? I would've figured it would take several months longer to translate it all to English and then go through and nerf / buff up certain classes to make them more equal.
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I'm excited to try this new patch, but do you really think EPW will get it so soon (Dec 2014-early 2015)? I would've figured it would take several months longer to translate it all to English and then go through and nerf / buff up certain classes to make them more equal.
They mean that the official server will be getting the pw2 update. For EPW, it'll probably take a lot longer considering all the balancing issues that need taken care of.

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i want to play a moon fairy so damm bad

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i want to play a moon fairy so damm bad
Same, same. I'm redownloading official for the first time in years. Gonna mess around on Moon Fairy until it comes out here. *-*
time to save up 300k ec for new classes

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Ohhhh ok, that makes much more sense. Thanks for clearing that up ^^
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6) level 28-105 quests have their XP buffed

Good for alts. Good for 'new players'.

Not good for people that can't experience them, having already done all their quests.

Nice try though.
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time to save up 300k ec for new classes

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time to save up 300k ec for new classes
Thisssssssssss. I've already been saving up.