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Something weird happen at Morai Map

Offline Eisenwald

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Hello there,

something's weird happen to me when my character at Morai Map
i don't know what happen to this
i think there's missing files at element folder or something like that
can you help me find what's missing, so i can download again from torrent
without downloading all client again or if you can give me the missing files  :P

Thank you very much for your attention
Sorry for my bad english  :)

Offline Skilverlight

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Have you tried closing the game and verifying the files?
I've had some pretty weird glitches happen to me that verifying has always fixed. :3

Offline Agatio

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Verifying won't help in this case, please redownload the game if the issue still occurs.

Offline Eisenwald

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@ Skilverlight : I already tried verifying the files and nothing happened, the error still occur  :(

@ Agatio : hmm, but this error only occur in Morai map, all the monster become word "ERR" and some NPC too
                 but the quest or other run normally only the preview of them
                 and i forgot to tell you that some Wings can't be seen, such as : Darkblue Icewings, Darkflame Wings,
                 and i believe some other type wings too  :(
                 so the only way to solved this problem is to redownload the game again? :'(
                 no other way ??

Thanks for your attention  :), sorry for my bad english  :-[

Offline beardragon

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Usually verifying the files 3-4 times does the trick but yea, if that still dosen't fix it then you'll have to redownload and make sure that nothing is interferring with the game files such as anti-virus and any other security software.

Offline Nationss

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My pet had the samee problem /.\ it kept sayin ''ERROR"" >.< . Do i have to redownload the game too ? lol
Ravensss yoo -___-t

Offline Lan

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Similar occurrence recently for me as well.  The boss was either dead or gone when I logged back on because i couldn't find it to check if the verify worked.  Morai is fine for me though.  =/
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i would say this occur when u patch another client with EpicPW patch...but since we dont have this method anymore its kinda weird how so many people get this ERR :/

so far the only solution is to re download the full client :/
we will think of some other easy ways to do this.

Sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused :/

Offline Eisenwald

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thanks for the advice guys

i will try to verify the client again,
and if the problem still occur i will redownload again the game

Thank You Very Much  :)