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Artifex vs OC and Warning MG POV

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Video from earlier/yesterday's PK at Silver Pool (Again....).

Alot of jupming arround between video since it was arround 70 minutes of "sig war".
On a side note ,during this PK we had 0 barbs online , which made it extremelly hard, but it was still enjoyable.

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Easy pk...good video!!
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Looked fun and easy.  Good job team.

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Looked so easy.. good video ;)

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Nice videoz, too bad I missed the other 45+ minutes of pk though.

still learn to edit videos yourself.
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Nice video, sooper op intro. :normal-35:

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bad music, horrible gameplay, even worse ini, sad guild, even worse enemies

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wow wtf PedroSner XD veri nice gameplay. F1 - Auto atk, F7 - Summon pet, I think you are probably top mage in Epw XD but is jus my opinion XD. Remember guize is jus game bro XD so no hate me cuz think PedroSner is best mage XD. I hear PedroSner teached Doflamingo how to pley blademaster class and is y he sucks XD.


Nice Video+music
we made an easy

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Nice video, sooper op intro. :normal-35:

when are your mensies Gaby?

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Nice video mr pedrosner  ^-^
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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when are your mensies Gaby?

Go away.


From a warning POV this was a fun PVP :) Good video mate!

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Missed the pk  :normal-13:
Very fancy intro, awsome music, best wiz gameplay on server, total carry.