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The Infamous Jump Glitch

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Hey there fellow friends and family of Epic Perfect World. I'm sure you all know about the annoying Jump glitch.
Lately, it's seemed to happen to me more often than usual. Such as, when I was in NW. I got the flag, got stuck,
kept jumping back and died while charger orb/purged xd. I was just wondering if any of you guy's got some advice
or personal fixes to help stop the Jump glitches, or is it just a generally undefinable issue?

Thanks! With love and kisses.


FOR THOSE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE GLITCH: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_banding
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Simple, don't jump, it's not beneficial in any way. I know you have to in order to get out of the flag-pits in NW though, I find the best thing to do is single jump while close to the wall for as little air time as usual, since if you're caught in mid-air by a freeze/stun you're screwed (unless you got a puri wep, or an ep focusing you), if it's especially crowded you would want to anti-stun and to not be close to a wb, other than that don't jump at all, it does nothing good for you

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If u mean getting locked while in air i think thats not glitch except part that after getting unlocked (unstuned) u dont go down unless u move (happening most of times).
Glitch that i get annoyed by is one when u running and it suddenly "teleports" you back few steps but that cant be fixed coz it is synchronization problem between my pc and server. It can be caused by a lot of things.

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only thing can get you down is sutra .-. or debuff remover pill but rather sutra
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