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Pubes | Outcasts Vs. Warning 11/23/14

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one of my bad gameplays because i died
fraps made my fps 10, but u wont see that because fraps makes everything smooth once it is rendered
i could have made it 1080p but processing on yt took way too long so i decided to change to 720

idk how to make it into a vid...enjoy

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Good first vid, nice music :normal-4:

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good music bro nice video an easy

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Remove 〓youtu.be from link and change thumbnail.
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nice vid consist anghelache ;3

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lol good video and next time post full video was fun xD

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lol we been outplayed in the start but we still carried, and good vid but bad music xDD

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This was actually really great PK.

In the start when it was only vs Warning we easily beat them, then when Ruthless came it became more of a challenge for Outcasts (being 2-3 vs 1 faction and all), however by the end we dominated in glorious victory.

*\o/* OC4Life

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Bro the only thing i remmber is when i came there that insta turned into PvE not PvP xD,anyway great video and music

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Good vid man, hopefully more to come

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All bad gameplay.

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Good pk was fun

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Nice Video,  sadly I wasnt there,   easy.