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patch error

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help me fix it please

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I think it isn't allowing you to verify the files either. Best thing you can do is re-download and use the torrent link.
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Hi there, try doing one of these
Patcher errors:

5. Patcher won't update or Patcher message: Update server connection fails
- Run the patcher as administrator and check again
- Add launcher.exe / patcher.exe / elementclient.exe to your antivirus exception list and check again
- Copy updateserver file attached to the bottom of this post and paste in EPW/patcher/server. Then restart the patcher and check again
- Run fixit.bat in EPW/launcher and then click 'Verify' button on game patcher
- Restart the PC and router, then check again
- if methods above fail, please patch the game manually: http://epicpw.com/menu/patches/
- Alternately redownload / reinstall the client

6. Patcher error: Missing patcher.exe or PackDLL.dll files
- Run fixit.bat in EPW/launcher
- Add patcher.exe or PackDLL.dll to your antivirus exception list and check again

7. Patcher message: Update listed files error or Update files corrupted
- Close the patcher and start the Manual patch by double clicking on it

8. Game won't start, patcher message: Client folder corrupted
- Run the patcher in Windows XP compatibility mode (should be available under right click -> solve compatibility issues or under properties)
- If it didn't help, click Verify button on patcher
- Finally, redownload / reinstall the client

Hope it helps :)

01.01.2016. ♥