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Feminism, Lesbianism, The whole shabang

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So a trend currently that's been going around for a few years is the influx of Feminism, or for lack of better terms, Feminine Radicalism, and another trend is "Short hair, anti cisgender" tumblr shenaniganz.

Let me just put my two cents in!

After getting into a heated debate last night with a guildie of mine, something ran through my mind. This is 2014, A LOT has changed compared to the previous generations, especially when it comes to homophobia, transexualism and other elements regarding gender. Which is completely OK, and I am supportive of my gay friends who live this lifestyle.. (and a few transexuals, mind you)

However, I can't agree with these radical thoughts and don't understand their social logic.

"Feminism" was truly started back when there wasn't really any rights for women in the western culture, which through brave and strong women spread their ideals and eventually won the right to vote, ect. I am 100% OK with this, HOWEVER modern Feminism has turned into utter hogwash.

Like seriously? It's become almost disgusting, dont believe me? Go read a few feminism topics on Tumblr. Once upon a time they were fighting for something that had actual meaning, now its mostly "DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY" "ARISE WOMEN ARISE!?!? WE DONT NEED NO MALES!!!!" ... Especially the "anti rape" bullcrap they protest. I am completely against rape and everything that is stands for, however the ridiculousness of modern feminism culture has turned rape into a scapegoat instead of a real crime.. Standing out in public wearing full lingerie and holding a sign "Tell me I asked for it." ..How is the behavior not shameful? And i'm the pig for being against it? Sorry loves, I'll support real issues like Fair Pay for women and not random bullcrap that somehow justifies you acting like complete bafoons.

~ Lesbianism

100% cool with same sex couples as I have pointed out, however straight girls who look like butch lesbians? Uh? Why do you aspire to look like Pink.

Something I don't understand is.. The entire "butch lesbian" type.

We're all used to seeing two chicks making out on some sexeh vids, but more than likely they're straight/bisexual and just getting paid $$$ to do it. I guess in that industry you kind of just dont give a crap anymore, like an every day thing?

But the entire BUTCH LESBIAN is CONFUSING. Lesbian = Two women. Yet one of the girls is trying to look/dress/act like a man to the dot - the fact they have a vag. I don't understand. If you're pretty much dating a dude, why not date a dude? You obviously don't hate male appendages since you rely on fake ones to "Get it on".

I will never understand.

+ The entire "short hair is cool now bc i dun need n0 short hair to be a grill xddddddddddddddddddddddddd" fad right now...


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you dont have friends or people to talk to so u post all this on a game's forum u are social awkward (i read only title)

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Only things that annoy me about "lesbianism" are those   

"omg I'd go lesbian for you" comments :)) Only because joke is old and a pretty dumb compliment too

other than that, idgaf I don't see why anyone would

I agree about the naked street walking tho :tiger-2:

But there is one more thing I want to tell you not because you made such thread but I've seen your other threads and I know why these things bother you this much (except above mentioned possible reasons). Pretty sexist, are we? :)) You say you are ok with gays, but don't they do the same? Like most of the times? I mean, gay couples are often both way too feminine, then why won't they just date a girl? If they say they like men, you know

only cuz of a tighter hole? :'(

sorry if I got anything wrong, wast pretty fast when reading this :-\

replies gonna be interesting now llulullululhuhuuhuhuhuhu must wait and watch :))

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This gonna blow up soon :normal-20:

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What it all comes down to is the fact that anyone, man or woman, should have the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they see fit. I'm a dude, I have long hair and enjoy wearing clothing that would typically be seen as feminine. I also have a lot of clothes that convey masculinity. I also indulge in drag from time to time. I'm not trying to be a woman, I have no desire to be a woman (ok maybe a little bit, tits are awesome). I just appreciate femininity and masculinity as separate concepts to male and female. I can't speak as a lesbian because I'm not a lesbian, but I imagine there are multitudes of women in the world, gay, straight and everything in between, who appreciate and view masculinity in the same way that I appreciate femininity. As for who you date, it's silly to reduce your significant other to little more than their gender, or the side of the masculinity-femininity spectrum they sit on. People are a lot more complex than that.

Regarding your statement about rape being a scapegoat, I'm sure that's true to a number of SJWs who simply want to cause a fuss, but rape culture is still a very real thing. The "Tell me I asked for it" campaign is very intelligent in that it forces you to assess your views on women and victim-blaming. I look back to when I was just starting high school and remember all of the scathing things that everyone used to say about women (underage girls at this point, mind you, which makes it even worse) who were comfortable with their bodies. They were all "sluts", they were all "going to get killed" and they were all "going to deserve it". The rise of social media hasn't helped it any, it's only made it easier to sexualise and oppress people that act or dress in a certain way. In short, taking a stand against rape culture does not equal misandry.

Also regarding the porn thing (and the sex industry in general), same-sex acts are paid a lot better than their heterosexual counterparts. You might as well go where the money is, society is going to judge you for it anyway. After they're finished, of course.

TL;DR the vocal minority of modern misandrists that masquerade under the guise of feminism does not equate to the movement itself, anybody should be able to dress how they like and bang who they please (with consent) and angsty teenage girls on Tumblr shouldn't be your only reference for feminism.
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you dont have friends or people to talk to so u post all this on a game's forum u are social awkward (i read only title)

i want u inside of me :'c

also, OT: tldr.

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I have a Sims-related Tumblr (aka Simblr), and there isn't a day that goes by where I run into something on my dash (of mostly Simblrs) that isn't dripping with SJW wank, as they call it.  Drives me apeshit since these girls are barely out of high school talking about shit they have no idea about.

As for butch lesbians: I think this video sums it up.

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who cares
apparently its a big deal
and please don't go on tumblr and look up anything related to this topic for the love of god
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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who cares

#Feminism #Independence #NoNeedNoMan #LesbianEP #BoobieHeal ^-^


I hate women.
I knew it bro, We dem gay boyz nig

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I knew it bro, We dem gay boyz nig

Any merry  :-[