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Army of naked ppl - Massacre at monday

Offline harp

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Took me some time to upload this video, had to edit as much as possible cause raw footage was about 25 mins. Gz to everyone who was there especialy to enemy and big respect for coming over and over and even increasing numbers at the end when everyone already got tired and left. Was fun if only better fps :(



Was really fun pk + lasting one
#Respect for giving us great pk

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Nice video. Still waiting for Saajal to die though. :(

Offline Marea

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Haha yay for the title,music and pk
Was a fun massacre

Ps: skrillex team= super godo team

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man that pk was amazing idc who won at the end who pushed more or less fuckien amazing pk from part of all the guilds that were there #Respect

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Was fun PK , specially cause not at SP lol.
A bit too long but still enjoyable.

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I was getting 0 fps, it said. I don't wanna hear that from ppl that can record, get decent fps and still function in mass  :'(

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Good video bro seems like value pk

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Good Video Harp :))

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Lemur carryed this PK  ;D

OP video as always

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Nice video and that Lemur lol

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good video dude,

Offline shucuz

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nice video, that mass pk was really fun something oc will never get coz they cnt last more than 5 mins vs arti

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Very nice, good video  ^-^

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Nice video man.