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Allowing a nerf thread and same time allowing the creator to delete any posts he does not like:) This is a typical "brilliance" of a gaming community.

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+1... there shouldnt be posts allowed like that FOR ANY CLASS.. here let me re iterate this for ppl this should not be allowed for any class! it just causes everyone to get angry and act like 5 year olds on a video game... so lets just play and enjoy it and stop giving the mods a harder time at their job :/ plus with people being able to delete other peoples posts like a child.. how is that a legit way of seeing how many agree or not? oh you dont agree with me so i will delete your post.. idiots... >< *end rant*
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You just made a thread in General Discussion so you can see if it's possible to delete posts here by thread opener therefore you can see if your post has any point. (obviously it doesn't)