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RIP Magnanimous

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With alot of sadness i communicate that  Magnanimous died two nights ago...

I'm posting this for those who have met him , or came across him , not for those who never met him, naturally.

He was a very good person , known him for 4 years , ever since we first met on PWI and i don't think he was ever sad , upset with someone or anything on those lines. This was a very happy person, and a trully genuine guy.
Allways sad to see someone so young (under 25) to pass away.
Will keep the best memories from you my friend, and the good laughs we had among the years in the most different guild chats or ventrillo's. Was a pleasure to have you in guild ,and above all as a friend.


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Rest in peace Mag, we'll miss you  :sad:
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My deepest and most sincere apologies go out to his friends and family. It's extremely hard to lose someone, even if we live far away from each other and never met face-2-face, the feelings are still real. I pray for all his friends and family and hope that even in this dark moment of loss they can prevail. It was good meeting you, and I hope that wherever you are now, you can be truly happy and at peace. To fall at such a young age reminds me just how important every second is that you breathe, every moment you live, everyone you meet. Rest in peace....
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Rest in peace brother, I've known him since pwi, so shocked to hear this. :shocked:


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RIP Mag ))))))))))))))))))))::::::::::::::::::::::::

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My deepest condolences to his family and friends, so unfortunate that he passed away so young.

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 Its sad when someone dies at such a young age. RIP Mag.
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I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mag a few times, was really fun^^ May he rest in peace  :sad:

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I don't know what to say. I really don't.

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May he rest in peace.


What ... wow. RIP I'm really sad to hear this ...

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R.I.P  Magnanimous..

There's nobody better.
Completely broke my heart as we were just getting to know each other. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest peacefully.
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Rest in peace, you were a dear friend
you will always be remembered