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need to extend char slot because we have bound items sometimes and when new class or we decide make new char and delete one we gotta farm those things over their need to be more char slot per account


Impossible, make new account.

    • Don't bind all of your items.
    • Before binding an item consider whether or not you want to be able to trade this piece to another character.
    • If you do choose to bind items, perhaps consider which armor your class is going to use before making a new character. I try and keep all of my Arcane, Light Armor and Heavy Armored classes on seperate accounts.
    • Say you want to have two LA classes in a squad in a TT you may just have to bite the bullet and make an extra character on a different account, when I have issues like this I choose the cheapest way of gearing possible. As long as it stays alive, I'm pretty happy.
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