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Screen Shots of players who still have Armor Crush in their weapons

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Coming from someone who can't PK to begin with... lol  ijs...
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Unless Agatio has made up a new rule about not having Armor Crush stones, I'm not certain where this thread is exactly going. o.O' Please explain.

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My thoughts exactly, At first I thought the trash would be the best suited place because this really isn't needed.

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Coming from someone who can't PK to begin with... lol  ijs...

are you bashing the archer or my sin.....lol

and mr screenshot archer dude... Agatio.. hasnt taken them off daggers/fists/claws.. yet

he only purged barb weps, to my knowledge

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I still have armor crush is my daggers? So? Make Aga remove it. I ain't gonna take it out of my own weap :O

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Im sure there was a post where Aga replied to it and said they will be removed in a later patch?

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i think i also have witrh my sin, but i never was in pk with her, so just doing bh with her
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Armor crush stones were removed from daggers that had 1 sacred stone in them with this patch, however those that had armor crush + another stone still have both stones in them.

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my daggers didn't have AC stones yet they were still purged. HAX. I want my 1.5m refund, [move][shadow=red,left]NAO. D:[/shadow][/move]
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What exactly is the point in this thread? And if you have a problem with it you couldn't take it to a GM instead of putting someone's business out? ffs
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