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Nation Wars should be daily

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I think Nation Wars should be a daily thing, I mean for those people like me who aren't in a huge Factions to do Territory Wars, or not into PvP. I did Nation Wars Friday evening and I had a blast. I am just saying.


When you over do things it starts to get boring  :smiley: so no

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you gotta be fucking kidding me LOL

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lol just no ..
market would be ruinned .

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-1 no.
ppl would get bored, less ppl would attend, nw all over would go down the hill and not be any fun at all anymore.
also market would be flooded with supply tokens, prices would go nuts.
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Dude, honestly, I remember you calling people unintelligent and **** in a previous post by you. Seeing this here post though makes you one ironic ass mother****er.
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As if twice a week for two hours wasn't boring enough.
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Hell to the no!
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No, -1. Market would be ruined + NW would be boring.


This probably as to be the worst suggestion I've seen , -1


This has already been suggested. The answer is always going to be no for obvious reasons. Even twice a week seems a lot  :rolleyes:.

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Can we remove nw pls worst way to waste 2h of my life
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R3TARDED suggestion