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Are we allowed to talk about other games here? Seen others do it so i guess..

PUBLISHER: Drago Ent. | DEVELOPER: Dragon Ent. | GENRE: MMORPG | THEME: Sci-Fi | PLATFORM: Download

What you think about this game?  Good or Bad ? 

The game itself looks really nice to be honest up to date in graphics and so on..  was first announced in 2008 (holy long time)

Now in closed beta finally.

But I've never heard of these Drago dudes.. Neither does the websites, fb page, forum, look professional and not that many people "liking" it... 
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This might be good, I wanna try it if its ever possible D: i never heard of it, thanks for sharing

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well apparently they opened closed beta just today for people with keys, I guess you can sign up on their site..
Seems to be a at least what they say a professional team of 40 people, Polish Developers. an official game..
seems like they bought the license for it sometime and trying to re open it or just open.. I've no idea to be honest trying to find answers from them in the forums about it all.