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Worms&GA vs Warning vs Arti ~ WR pov


Hi everyone, this is how we do mass PK with a squad, and with our ally.

Fun pk, gf all.
Ty for watching  :normal-25:

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fun pk, didnt stay till it ended but was fun :tiger-19:

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Mirela play WR wow...so nice its so nice ;)
Ot: Good Vid Z

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Nice video and music bro
lol nice vid zilrar

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this wr is good ^^ and i dont think that was daul log was it? guess u were just posting the vid for her/him
anyway best allies nomadall fun pk had fun watching this ty4pk  :police:
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proof of disbanding
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mage v mage tournament

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3:40 Gya stole my kill  :normal-5:

Very very nice vid (nice to see finally bm in mass pk, and i didnt play as BM but i think ur good xD) and it was awesome PK (I was feeling bad that im not recording, but here is it yours already xD).
Ty for fun all  :normal-42:

+ nice music xD
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That looks like an easy GJ worms#1

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I wish I could vote Mirela as president.
Nice video m8 :normal-23:
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Mari is bae.
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good job nice vid

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Nice video Zilara!

There's nobody better.

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Nice video. :3
Cool music. I wasn't there for this though. ;__;
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Well done, I loved the music.

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Nice video. Good music.