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Game client rar files corrupted

Offline jurina

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i am old player and i was about to come back to epic...
I downloaded Direct file first and extracted then it corrupted
so i tried another different link one and extracted then still litmodels.pck and models.pck corrupted and i tried to verify and still not work
Should i redownloaded again? Is there no corrupted game client download file? :sad:


Offline Tonika

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If you're using direct download, it's best not to use Chrome because it corrupts a lot. Try using IE to do direct download or you can just use the torrent to download it.
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Personally, I would use the torrent first, and if that gets corrupted, then use IE.

IF you use IE, I find that the download completes with minimal corruptions if you do NOT mess with your PC at all, as that can cause the download to hang or become corrupt somewhere.

Offline jurina

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I got now by changing PWI to EPI it only take a  few minutes ty all for replying ^-^